Screenplay about civilian helicopter medevac:  Higher Power

 Moondance International Screenplay competition finalist. 

Logline:  A rookie flight nurse risks her life to make the public aware  of a hospital’s inability to meet the needs of  the critically injured. 

Synopsis:    Havana, a community hospital launches The Odyssey helicopter to increase its sphere of influence and improve its bottom line.  The hospital administrator’s  edict is:  “Go out haul ‘em in.”    A rookie  flight nurse  obsessed with saving lives strives to make the public aware of the  hospital’s inability to meet the needs of the critically injured.  When the actions of  her eight year old  self-actualizing  daughter  put her at risk, her husband demands she must  come home.   She insists: “Lives are at stake, I can’t.” 

When her daughter is in an accident in the mountains; can Havana hospital save her life  . . .?

Copyright © 2000 All rights reserved. 

This story was born out of my experience in the helicopter medevac  arena with Flight for Life.    If  you would like to  read  the script,  please let me know.    opalmorningstar2@gmail.com