#Assassination Generation

I have been reading an alarming book that definitely needs to be widely read:  Assassination Generation by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman.  This book is about how children are being essentially trained to be murders by indulging in violent video games.  As a clinical psychologist and a concerned citizen, I have spoken to parents about how learned behaviors in the young go into the subconscious mind and later manifest.  Assassination Generation is a well-researched book with a lot of examples of young people who have gone out and carried out mass killings across this nation.   Every day, we hear of a young person obsessed with killing manages to go out and in irrational ways claiming the lives of innocent people.  America needs to wake up!  The video industry is making massive amounts of money targeting our young in addictive destructive behavior.  Read this book and share it, talk about this problem and help save the children.

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