Safety in helicopter medevac

Back to talking about safety in helicopter medevac. Certainly this needs to be the largest looming concern in an industry that must solve the problem. Years ago, it was speculated that 250 strategically placed helicopter services could meet the needs of the United States. Essentially, helicopters were to reach out to rural areas where trauma services is not available to save a life. Today, in the U.S. there are over 800 helicopter medevac providers located in urban areas. Granted helicopters are expensive to launch and operate 24/7 days a week.   Trauma treatment is also expensive. Having stated this —- it is apparent that competition for revenue is a driving force with many pressures to perform. Helicopter medevac is a for profit business in a limited market with significant competition. So the big question is how to reconcile issues of profit and sustainability and avoid the catastrophic escalating number of accidents.

How many flights must a hospital have per month to maintain service? What kind of pressures play into this scenario?  You’re out there —- you know. Think on this.

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