More thoughts on trauma

What say we all go out and buy a handgun?   Crazy huh? We live in an unsafe world?   Our minds are constantly fed violence as entertainment.   Our kids have plenty of TV viewing of killing by those thought to be heroes! Think about it we are creating a judgmental world of fear, scarcity, and lack of opportunity because we keep the warring mentality going.  Traumatic injury is the number one social and health problem.  Families and government are in economic chaos. We can do better than this!

About 500 American children and teenagers die in hospitals every year from a gunshot wounds. That number is growing.  Mass killing shocks Americans, while they fail to see how they are part of the problem. An abstract titled “United States Gunshot Violence — Disturbing Trends” presented by researchers at the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) found that states with higher numbers of firearm ownership had higher proportions of childhood gunshot wounds. Incarceration in this country has escalated as prisons have become privatized big business lining the pockets of corporations at taxpayer expense. Juvenile incarcerations are up with on-size fits-all sentencing. Laws are destroying lives and wasting taxpayer dollars. New York paid $167,731 to feed, house and guard an inmate for a year. Prisons are grossly overcrowded.  The American prison system is massive. We need to change our mind about violence. There’s nothing heroic about it! Yes, guns do at times save lives. What can be done to create a new mind set and a different way of being in the world? Maybe it is related to thinking about how each of us thinks and taking the time to consider how we can make a difference.    Homelessness is now a blight on this country. There is an epidemic of mental illness without adequate services available to address any of it. Alternatives to incarceration might include rehabilitation programs, addiction treatment, problems o

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