Obamacare as controversy or answer

The high cost of medical care seems to be an over worked topic with no clear solutions.   Let’s start off with the notion that everyone will need medical care during their life.   It starts with birth and ends with the progressive move toward death. If a sudden catastrophic incident happens that terminates life, no care is needed.  A lot of young people don’t want to have to buy insurance; they rationalize they are okay — don’t need it. Obamacare has initiated the notion that everyone must have health insurance or face a penalty. I know of some who deliberately make sure they don’t earn an amount that would require them to purchase medical insurance.   Hey, that’s $400 they don’t have to earn. There’s  Medicaid! It’s milking the system and needless to say skirting responsibility for one’s health.

Trauma care and helicopter medevac are the most expensive medical services.  In the event of an emergency everyone in this country is entitled to receive medical care —- insurance or no insurance. Most folks don’t expect to have accidents or life changing medical events. None the less, they still happen at an alarming rate.

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